LDN Performance was founded in 2015 with the intention of becoming the leading training and fitness brand in the city. We offer exclusive personal training, innovative online training, meticulously planned sport/event specific training, first-class injury rehabilitation, as well as expert advice on all things health and fitness.

LDN Performance was founded by Ben Foulis, who has worked in the fitness industry for many years and had been involved with high-level sport before this. His fascination for health and fitness began back in secondary school, before he went on to study sports science at university.

If you are looking to:
- transform your body
- rehabilitate an injury safely and effectively
- improve your strength and conditioning for sport or an event
- receive expert nutritional advice
- build a stronger, more athletic physique , or
- just to train to feel generally fitter and healthier

Then LDN Performance is for YOU!


What do we offer?

Any time, any where, any place. If you’ve got a gym membership and tired of not having any direction with your training, then we have just the answer! Check out any one of our amazing transformation eBooks today! Available in our store!

Personal Training

Whether you’re looking for a total body transformation, to train for a specific event, or simply want to gain a better quality of health, we can provide the expertise to help you reach your goal with personal training. CLICK THE ICON TO FIND OUT MORE.


Any day, any time, any place! Do not let geographical or financial barriers prevent you from having the body you desire. Get expert help and support 24 hours a day, along with regular 1-2-1 check in calls with our Coaching service. CLICK THE ICON TO FIND OUT MORE.

Articles and Blog

We believe in helping people clarify and set appropriate goals, so they can achieve their lifestyle aspirations. Whether it be about training, nutrition or lifestyle advice, keep up to date by following the blog, reading our articles or downloading training programmes to stay ahead of the game with LDN Performance.


Articles/blog on all things related to training and performance


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