Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a friend with me?

– Yes! Of course you can. Get in touch with us and we’ll register you and your friend/s in for that session. Furthermore, if you are the owner of a ten session card and you do bring a friend; we’ll give you that session for FREE!!!!!!


I’m travelling by car, is there space to park?

– Yes. Stebondale Street runs adjacent to the park and has spaces that are free to use at the weekend. During the week there may be charges, to which there are parking ticket machines lining the street.


I feel like I’m unfit at the moment, will it be too challenging for me?

– No! We tailor the sessions so that everyone can participate. The trainer will make the session as hard as possible to ensure the ‘super-fit’ still work seriously hard, but will also give alternatives to those that aren’t HIIT veterans. Go to your own limit is all we ask for!


Are there toilets and changing facilities on site?

– Unfortunately not. It’s a public park and we cannot guarantee whether there will be access to the toilets at all times. So be sure to come dressed ready to go.


Is there a safe place to secure my valuables?

– Yes. Any bagsĀ that you bring with you will always be a close distance to where we train anyway, but theĀ trainer will have a ‘valuables’ bag to which they will keep on them at all times, should you require a place to store your keys, phone, wallet etc.


What is the procedure if it rains?

– Bring a jacket and an old towel you don’t mind getting grubby! We stay on! By law we only need to stop if there is lightning due to safety concerns. It is then down to the trainer to determine if it is still safe to run the session.