Sign up

To sign up to LDN Performance Boot Camp, you have two options:

  1. Either pay £10 on arrival for a single session. Or;
  2. Purchase a 10 session card for £70 which expires after three months from the day of purchase. These can be bought off of the trainer prior to a session.

Alternatively; we also accept payment through PayPal. You MUST bring your receipt to the first session to receive your card.

10 - Bootcamp Card


“I want a free session!”

If you are the owner of a ten session card and bring a friend along to their first Boot Camp session, both of you will receive that session for FREE.


Terms and Conditions for when purchasing a 10 session package.

  • The purchase of this card entitles you to 10 Boot Camp sessions. Please ensure you bring this card with you to every session, otherwise your session cannot be redeemed.
  • LDN Performance accepts no responsibility for if this card is lost or damaged to the point it is no longer comprehensible. If this should happen, you will need to purchase a new card or pay for a single session upfront.
  • Each 10 session card purchased is valid for exactly three months from the day that the card is purchased. If you reach the expiry date and you have not redeemed your ten sessions unfortunately your card will then be invalid.
  • No refunds given for if you decide to not redeem all 10 sessions.
  • Under no circumstances can this card be re-sold. This includes scanning or copying for the sake of re-sale.
  • The card can only be redeemed by the person who’s name is on the card.