The Damaging Role of Social Media on Body Image Perception

It’s 2017, we all look exactly how we dream of looking with our body’s performing exactly how we want them to. I myself am 6’2, comfortably sit between 6-8% body fat, can eat what I like when I like. I am able to deadlift and squat 3 times my bodyweight, can bench press twice bodyweight[…]

7 Point Checklist for Finding Your Perfect Personal Trainer

7 Point Checklist for Finding Your Perfect Personal Trainer So it’s come to a time where you have decided that your results have come to a juddering halt and you are interested in getting some high value, top quality personal training to give you that fire back and blast through that plateau! The fitness industry[…]

What is really in your shopping trolley?

The definition of marketing according to the Oxford Dictionary is: “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”.  Available to us today are thousands of ‘healthy’ products that are sold to us through clever and effective marketing. Many products we get drawn to happen to jump into our shopping[…]

Keep getting fat after you’ve lost weight?

Weight loss in the UK is BIG business. You may have noticed that weight loss companies/groups pop up every now and again in new locations within your local area. Awareness of our health has never been so strong and yet rates of obesity have never been higher, but are these “health” companies mega successful because[…]