The Damaging Role of Social Media on Body Image Perception

It’s 2017, we all look exactly how we dream of looking with our body’s performing exactly how we want them to. I myself am 6’2, comfortably sit between 6-8% body fat, can eat what I like when I like. I am able to deadlift and squat 3 times my bodyweight, can bench press twice bodyweight[…]

The Most Vital Part of Training

Mobility and flexibility. Often confused, frequently neglected. How can focusing on these two key aspects of training really change your life?   The following two definitions were taken from the Oxford Dictionary. Mobility- The ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Flexibility- The quality of bending easily without breaking.   Now I don’t know[…]

Supplements….. Necessity or an avoidable expense?

Nutritional supplements, I’d be willing to guesstimate (guesstimating because I haven’t actually checked the numbers) are a multi-million, possibly billion pound market each year. Every gym we go to, every training session we do, every magazine we read or with every trainer we train with, we see and hear about taking this brand or that version of supplement[…]

Importance of Resistance Training

What is resistance training? Resistance training is any form of training in which your body/muscles are working against a certain resistance. The most common form of resistance training you’ll see in a fitness environment is lifting free weights. But all resistance training doesn’t have to require you to lift weights! An extremely effective form of resistance training[…]