The Morning Formula

Whatever you are planning to achieve in a day, these goals, will go to pot immediately after waking if you don’t have structure to your morning! 

Think about it, we have all had those mornings where we just feel a little off and we can’t quite work out why. So we decide to skip the first task, cut corners on the second, then half arse the third as we just aren’t quite up to it today. 

A simple structure and routine in the morning can provide a significant difference to the outcome of your day. It can often be the difference between: maintaining your calorie deficit and losing body fat, or blasting right through it and remaining the shape you are. Setting a personal best on a lift, or leaving the gym disappointed that the weight isn’t going up for another week. Gaining that new client which you’ve been pursuing for ages, or simply pestering them with an unenthused and hostile sales pitch. Even emotionally… being all over the place and being in a rush to get out of the door each morning is unlikely to be beneficial for keeping you calm, relaxed, happy, feeding you with positive energy and motivation to go crush the day now is it?

Your emotional state and therefore each event that takes place from here onwards is solely determined on how you begin your day! So begin each day with a real purpose with these five tips which I strongly urge you to implement right away!


Win the morning, win the day!

  1. Get up to your alarm – First time, every time! Don’t set a second or third alarm like you had this morning or use a snooze button, because you are instantly starting the day off with a negative. Think about it, you literally couldn’t even complete task one of the day which was to wake up, how is this going to promote positivity for the rest of today? 
  1. Make the bed – Every single time! If everything goes completely pear shaped with the rest of your day, at least you’ve got a well made bed to go home to! 
  1. DO NOT watch the news – The news is NEVER positive, it’s informative with current events yes, but more importantly it’s depressing and energy sapping. What do you ever accomplish from watching it other than being upset, annoyed or disappointed? If it’s important enough news, you’ll find out at some point during the day anyway. 
  1. Positivity, structure and mindfulness – Meditate, yoga, listen to your favourite podcaster, something that you know regardless of what has happened the day before or how you’re feeling immediately after waking, is going to sort your butt out and get you in a positive mood. My morning routine looks like this: 

0500 Alarm – then pee. 

0505 Meditate/stretch for ten minutes. 

0515 Coffee and quiet time where I sit with my thoughts. 

0525 Brush teeth and shower. 

0540 Get on with the most important task of the day/head to first client of the day. 

Don’t underestimate the value of having a set morning routine…. you immediately letting your body know it’s game time, each and every day, from the moment you wake, could be the difference today!

  1. No negativity, whatsoever – If you know an email is going to be a negative one, unless it’s absolutely urgent it can wait until at least lunch time! It’s the same principle as with the news… what is the negativity going to bring to your life? Certainly not a positive mindset which is going to set you up to absolutely crush it today! Got a bone to pick with your partner? Guess what, it’s probably trivial and can wait until tonight… don’t ruin their zen either. 


I strongly urge you to give this a go for a week and watch your productivity and happiness soar! Positive mindset = Positive outcome! 


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Yours in health.


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