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Why LDN Performance? LDN Performance was started due to me being a personal trainer and sports massage therapist based in London and realising that long term, my own name just wasn’t powerful enough as a brand. This industry is populated with so many talented individuals aspiring to do various different things. But for me, long term I want to take this brand and grow its reputation to the point where we can open up a unique training and healing centre, armed with state of the art equipment right in the heart of London, whilst continuing to run the most popular boot camp spanning all of the ‘big smoke’.


In 2016 LDN Performance will be starting its very own Boot Camp not far from Canary Wharf. We aim to set the standard and very quickly progress on to be the biggest and best outdoor group training enterprise in the city, by opening the first site in the second quarter of 2016, then add a further two sites come 2017. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing a mobile app which will allow Londoners to take their training to the next level! So watch this space!


What can you expect from LDN Performance? We will be posting one blog entry a week in regards to all things related to health and fitness. One week you can expect a post about nutrient timing and the next you could expect a post about the benefits of resistance training.

“But how do I keep up to date on whether I will be interested in a particular post?” I hear you ask…… keep up to date on what topic is being posted about by following our social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Just search for LDN Performance and you will find us!


But what about the practical side of health and fitness? Got a burning question you need to ask in regards to your nutrition or do you want to find out more about personal training? Then message us ASAP and we’ll get you on the road to a fitter, stronger and healthier lifestyle in no time at all!


Thank you for visiting the site and for reading this post.

Yours in health.


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